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People with substance abuse & co-occurring mental disorders deserve a second chance. Classified as a disease by the AMA, substance abuse disorders are both progressive and fatal. Unfortunately, most of us are not afforded that second chance, whether it be financial problems, lack of support, or the fact that this disease is still very stigmatized even in today's modern culture. Although there are strides being made by the professional community to break the stigma, the system is still flawed creating barriers that will make an already hopeless feeling person feel even more hopeless. We've come to break these barriers. We are a Recovery Community Organization that is all about giving back what has been so freely given to us, we don't just talk about helping the alcoholic/addict of the hopeless variety, we do it.

Being connected with a professional team of Doctors, Sober Coaches, Rehabs, Detoxes, and Non-Profits we not only offer a chance for redemption for the struggling person with substance abuse disorders but we also strive to raise awareness about the issue and the emotional and mental health problems that blindly cause or accompany this disease.