Become a Part of The Community

The magic that we get to take part in every day is watching our clients grow and seeing them work our program and become successful members of their community. The program does not end with Redemption House. We partner with so many great organizations that fight to lift the stigma of substance abuse diorders. Giving back is a key component to what we do, so volunteering our time to help people both inside and outside recovery is exactly what we are all about.

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A Promise To Jordan

This is Jordan. He overdosed after leaving one of our sober houses. His mom, Lisa Gray, also pictured, is starting an organization called "A Promise to Jordan" to help raise awareness and raise money to help people in recovery. We are proud to announce that we were asked to be a part of this amazing organization. 


Celebrate the Holidays!

Our sober community is our family. Just like any other family, no matter how far down the scale we have gone we all deserve to celebrate the holidays.


Street Squad

Each week, the members of our community branch out to make our streets cleaner. Giving back is a huge part of our recovery and we are always extremely happy to help our community out in any way we can. These tasks are something we look forward to doing as our journey of recovery is not the same without giving back.

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Brian Cody's Law

In an effort to raise awareness of the ongoing opioid epidemic we have partnered up Brian Cody's Law to pass legislation to end the countless deaths that have impacted our community.

Keeping Our Community Safe

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We are all about keeping a safe community for people suffering from substance abuse disorders. We hold COVID awareness sessions as well as Overdose Prevention (NARCAN) trainings in our sober houses.