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The Virtual Tour

Welcome to the Redemption House, we've been waiting for you! What we offer here is a bridge to a new life. Once in the care of our team, we will help with the next steps of your journey.


We offer three groups a day as well as a 12 Step meeting at night to provide our clients with a foundation to build upon for the rest of their journey.

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No one goes hungry here. We provide three meals a day as well as snacks for our clients. Check out our dining room!

Addicts helping addicts. All of our staff are volunteers who share their experience, strength and hope with our clients. With peer to peer support, a structure is provided to try and ensure success on your recovery.

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We have 20 beds. Both for men and women. Sometimes an addict or alcoholic will come seek refuge off of the street. No worries! Our community offers bedding, clothing, and hygiene products to those who do not have them.

A backyard with an abundance of chairs affords us the ability to hold meetings outside. If you are a smoker, don't worry, cigarette breaks are offered throughout the day. 

*We ask that E-cigs also be smoked outside in the back during smoke breaks.